GAME DESIGNER (Casual, Hyper Casual game)

Job description

– Create detailed Game Design Documents for products from gameplay, level design,… to the user experience and interface.
– Design mechanics, game rules and make sure everything is properly balanced.
– Create levels, missions,… to create the best experience for players with creative, addictive gameplay.
– Create levels, missions,… to create the best experience for players with creative, addictive gameplay. See more – Participate in analyzing, evaluating, optimizing products according to the chart.
– Build a game story (if any) that fits product goals and is approved by the Product Manager.
– Update, research, market analysis, provide prototypes to drive innovative ideas.

Job requirements

– 1-2 years of experience in designing puzzle, hyper-casual, casual games.
– Good thinking, creative, and mathematical logic skills.
– Experience in analyzing, evaluating, and optimizing games.
– Love playing games, want to develop a career in the game industry.
– Open, actively communicate, interact and combine work with teammates.
– Reading English material well is an advantage.
How To Apply Kindly send your CV to:


Job description

– Build models, textures, and optimize models according to the requirements of each project.
– Proficient use of software to complete and meet the requirements of the project: 3DSMax, Maya, Blender,…
– Join meetings, discuss projects, evaluate products. See more – Get feedback from PMs, Leaders, and suggestions for ideas.


– Priority is given to candidates who have experience in outsourcing companies/participating in 3D game projects.
– Proficient in using Blender, 3DS Max/Maya.
– Good adaptability, aesthetic taste, knowledge of perspective & color layout.
High sense of responsibility, professional attitude & love work.
– Ability to work independently and in a team.
How To Apply Kindly send your CV to:


Job description
– Build and develop mobile Game projects on Unity platform for Android and iOS.
– Building and implementing game system architecture.
– Working with the team to come up with ideas and solutions for new game features.
– Fix bugs and improve game performance and features.
– Collaborate with team members to operate and optimize the product. See more – Participating in the dev team-building process; share and develop the company’s dev expertise.

Job requirements

– At least 1-2 years experience in 3D game development using Unity Engine.
– Experience with Unity scripting, textures, animation, particle systems, 3D assets, physics.
– Experienced with iOS/Android/PC platforms is a plus.
– Knowledge of C# & Unity Knowledge of current game engines and tools (Unity) or physics engines (Bullet/Physx/etc) is a plus.
– Knowledge of native languages (Objective-C, Swift for iOS, Java, Kotlin for Android) is a plus.
– Good at Algorithms, Math, and Physics.
– Good at Code Creation.
How To Apply Kindly send your CV to:

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